About Kristian Pettifor - designing and making high quality, bespoke furniture

Kristian's work is based on the re-imagination of functional everyday objects, through innovation, well considered design and exceptional craftsmanship. Consistently displaying a purity of form, his pieces incorporate an ongoing exploration into surface quality, light, shadow and texture.


"Spending the first eleven years of my career working in some of the leading studio workshops in the United Kingdom and Ireland set the foundation for my future. Quality and exceptional craftsmanship were a common theme between all but the variety of experience has proved to be a very precious resource."

Kristian Pettifor contemporary furniture designer maker was set up in 2011 and creates unique bespoke objects. The business is based in the Cotswold's in a traditional workshop with a small number of well established independent designer makers. As well as undertaking commissions for private clients, close working relationships established over the years provide the opportunity to work with other designers, craftspeople and architects producing a variety of objects ranging from unique repeat items to large interior projects.



The function of an object is the crucial starting point of an idea. Taking care and time to understand a clients unique requirements and then making creative decisions based on this information, ensures a well considered design that will appeal for generations.


"I feel some of my most innovative work has come from the seeds planted by my clients. The collaborative nature of the commissioning process creates a breeding ground for new inspirational ideas"


Inspiration for the current body of work has come from studying complementary colours, textures and visual patterns within our natural environment. The principle of a simple form being repeated a series of times, reveals a pattern with a powerful aesthetic beauty. Some of the work on view in the portfolio is based around this principle, for example one laminated component has been designed to create a chair or a nest of tables.

As an environmentally aware natural material consumer all of Kristian's designs use sustainably certified Timber. Where possible native timbers are a preferred choice of material. Tropical timbers are used rarely and are only used in small detailing. All of which are either reclaimed/recycled from ethical sources.